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4 Restaurant Marketing Tips Beyond Social Media

The competition among restaurants is always tough and you need to think outside the box to become successful in the restaurant industry. These marketing tips and strategies go beyond social media and will help improve your business and grab the attention that your restaurant needs.

  1. Loyalty Programs

Remember the days when Loyalty Programs were a great way to retain your customers? It still is! Hand out cool looking punch cards that consumers can use every time they come in to your restaurant. Allow customers to get punched (not literally), for spending over a certain amount, buying a cup of coffee or ordering a specialty item. Punch cards may not be as “cool” as the modern apps but they do prove you value your customers and appreciate their loyalty. 

 2. Send Out a Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to reach out to your customers. It allows a restaurateur to tell consumers about restaurant news, seasonal menu items, upcoming events or just to show appreciation to your local customers or neighborhood. Emailing a monthly newsletter is a great way to stay in your customers head (and inbox) or even printing a monthly newsletter that you leave on the counter or pass around the neighborhood will keep you on top of your marketing game.

 3. Fishbowl Business Card Giveaways

Offer a fishbowl raffle by allowing your customers to drop their business cards into a bowl for a prize. The reward can be anything from a free lunch, a catering party for 10 friends, a happy hour deal with free appetizers- the options are endless. These raffles aren’t just about giving away free stuff, utilize the business cards dropped in the bowl to email customers and collect a database. Email or call them to let them know they didn’t win but they can sign up for your newsletter, so they can notified of their next chance to enter, and to hear about discounts and other special events. Now, you’ve got yourself a bunch of valuable new newsletter subscribers and loyal customers.

 4. Source Local Ingredients

Using local ingredients isn’t just a trendy phase. It’s something that customers love. They want to know that they are eating local and that you are sourcing local ingredients. This can boost your reputation in the community, and it establishes your restaurant as a community leader. Also, the products you source locally will gladly give you a shoutout. If sourcing locally is in your budget, consider this as a great marketing tactic and a great way for organic word-of-mouth spread.


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