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3 Reasons Why Quick Service Restaurants Are Dating Hot Spots

Online dating is now the norm and with that comes frequent meet and greets. Nights of candlelit dinners and theater tickets are being reserved more for special occasions rather than part of the dating scene as budget-conscious people look for low cost options to mix and mingle. Dating app Clover learned from their survey that it wasn’t a fancy restaurant or even a bar that was the number one first-date spot. No, it was Starbucks, according to the 3.5 million singles using their app. 

3 Reasons why quick-serve fast-casual cafes/restaurants are dating hot spots

The costs are far lower than full service.

As more and more people of all ages turn to dating apps and sites while less and less people marry at young ages, the dating world is booming. But as first dates become a regular part of one’s schedule, spending hundreds on each one would break the bank for most people. Instead, opting for a restaurant with counter service tends to not only drop the prices of the food items, but it also takes away the need of adding 20% to the bill for gratuity (instead, you can just add a buck or two to the tip jar!) Also, alcoholic drinks tend to be less as their mark up isn’t as high, which can really help cut the total cost of a date. 

The atmosphere can be more unique.

With themed eateries providing “eatertainment”such as Dave & Busters or Pinstripes, attention to detail is equally spent on the entertainment value as it is on the menu. Being able to bowl while eating finger foods makes for a great date because it combines the dining and the entertainment, not only dropping costs for parking and transportation, but more importantly providing a one stop date destination. It’s great for first dates as two people start to know each other without the pressure of sitting opposite one another throughout an expensive meal. 

Less structure.

It’s difficult to know how a first date will go. Even though you may have chatted for hours on the phone or been making each other laugh through emails, once two people go live and finally meet, it’s a whole different ballgame. Opting for a fast casual spot can take away the pressure by offering less structure. The same rules don’t apply as they do for full service restaurants, such as you won’t need to order food if you decide it’s not working and a drink is enough or maybe it is working and you decide to stay and eat. The point is fast casual restaurants with counter service or grab and go will allow for this type of behavior when a full service restaurant where you are expected to follow the long-developed drill will likely not.

This is the time for fast casual restaurants to not only focus on getting families and business people through the door but also singles. Take time to make your spot conversation and fun friendly and you might just see your receipts grow!


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