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Raising Prices Without Affecting Traffic

As inflation, labor, and supply chain issues continued, our clients came to us with the question on everyone’s mind, how much can we raise our prices without affecting our traffic? ⁠

They wanted to find that fine line—charging enough to maintain profit margins without driving their brand-loyal customers away, impacting sales and repeat business. ⁠

To help with that rising dilemma, we developed F&B Insights. One of the segments in this division gives our clients the ability to raise profits with AI-driven menu pricing.  ⁠FB Menu leverages the world’s largest updating database of Menu lists to improve on-premise sales.⁠⁠

We continually keep track of and record changing restaurant menu prices across the nation so that our clients can price particular items based on the venues near them, an approach that ensures they don’t affect demand. ⁠

At EMERGING, we partner with leading restaurants and entertainment concepts, supporting them in their expansion plans, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages. ⁠

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