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The Plastic Straw Bans are Sweeping the Nation!

Restaurateurs and diners have finally begun to realize that straws suck.

Cities are starting to ban or limit the use of plastic straws in restaurants all over the country. Personally, I couldn’t be happier! Americans use a half a billion straws every day, according to Saveur. Around the world, people have wrestled with the environmental effect of plastics, which do not naturally degrade and are frequently used once before settling in landfills, clogging storm drains or collecting in the ocean (even in a turtle’s nose).

Huge corporations like McDonald’s are jumping on the bandwagon and are planning to ban plastic straws in their UK restaurants. SeaWorld, Ikea, and Royal Caribbean — have vowed to remove plastic straws and bags from their properties too. Even large food services companies like Bon Appétit, announced it is banning plastic straws in all 1,000 of its cafes in 33 states, including locations like AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants. The companies are just some of the business across the world that have joined an effort to reduce the tons of plastic that pollute the oceans each year

It is wonderful that people are starting to take action and care about the effects of plastic on our environment. Specifically, these straw movements started because of awareness campaigns and conservation groups that brought light to this sucky situation. For example, the #STOPSUCKING and #SKIPTHESTRAW anti-straw movements were two of the most effective anti-straw campaigns.  They are continuing to gather momentum and change the way restaurants and consumers use straws.

Let’s think about the use of straws rationally. They are pretty much not necessary in the first place.  Yes, I will say I do love drinking out of straws but when I see their impact and how many are used every day and thrown into the trash, I realize that I don’t need to use a straw anymore. I am proud to say I have officially joined the #SKIPTHESTRAW movement!

So how can your restaurant or food establishment join the movement? It’s easy!

Here are some tips to reduce the use of straws and plastic in your establishment:

  1. Get rid of the stir stick straws (they are hardly used anyways and mostly end up on the table or bar)
  2. Create signature cocktails that don’t require straws
  3. Swap plastic straws for eco-friendly bamboo paper ones
  4. Only serve straws with drinks upon a customer’s request
  5. Use reusable straws

What are some of the ways your establishment is helping reduce the use of straws and plastic? Share your tips below.  


Cost Reduction
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