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Restaurant Food Waste in America

No matter what, restaurants produce waste. However, it’s important that measures are put in place to reduce that amount of waste to as little possible.In the event this is not possible, reliable disposal methods are required. Food wastes in a restaurant reduce profits and pose an extra cost in disposal. The more common measures for american waste food management systems include:

  1. Adoption of cafeteria system –The use of cafeteria system is the best way to curb wastages occasioned by serving unnecessarily large amounts. In the system, the customer is at liberty to determine the amount of food they are capable of finishing and pay for that amount. This produces little or no waste experienced.

  2. Recycling – in a survey in the American restaurant industry, it is estimated that 14.3% of excess food is recycled. While this is a small portion, it is an ideal way to curb wastage. Recycled food can be resold at a cheaper price or donated to the needy families within the restaurant’s community.

  3. Fast foods – fast food generates the least amount of industry waste. With tradition being that fast food serves small portions, production is streamlined, and customers more often than not finish their meals. This elimates waste, and in some instances, results in customers purchasing more food. 

  4. Managing orders – ordering raw food is also a leading cause of waste in America. Seasonal and perishable foods are always available in large quantities when in season, but buying large stocks with inadequate storage facilities often leads to over-accumulation. Buying enough for the day is the best way to ensure very little waste.  

  5. Storage – storage is a key factor in food handling. Different types of food require specialized handling and storage facilities. To curb wastage resulting from poor storage, restaurants need to invest heavily in storage mechanisms. This could include installation of refrigeration appliances, well ventilated storage rooms, and better storage baskets. With such facilities, perishable food is able to last longer.

Food wastage in restaurants has been a major concern in America. Authorities and restaurant owners have consistently embarked on training programs to curb the problem. With effective waste management practices, restaurants enjoy an opportunity for higher profits, while at the same time ensure customer satisfaction through provision of fresh and worthwhile foods. 



Cost Reduction
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