Cooked to order…in Your Driveway?

The restaurant industry has seen some pretty amazing changes in the past decade or so. We’ve seen more healthy and locally sourced ingredients, more gluten free options, better use of technology, social media usage and food trucks. Could the best be yet to come?

Just like some of the best plates of food, the changes may surprise us by being a creative combination of two familiar concepts. 

Quick delivery of just about any restaurant’s food, directly to your door has become available through services like DoorDash. This has been an important change, not just for the job opportunity of the newly employed drivers, but also for the diners that have more money than time. 

But something is still missing. Progress requires change.

Wayback Burgers decided to take a new approach as they are testing the use of a food truck with a small kitchen for their delivery vehicles. Basically, you order it, and they come to you to cook it. Talk about fresh delivery and a juicy hamburger patty.  The trucks have a 5 and a half by 8 foot kitchen and are electric, for optimal efficiency. The trucks were scouted by the President of Wayback Burgers after he read an opinion of a third party delivery service that soggy fries were ok. He balked at the comment and used the inspiration to find and employ the new trucks. You just have to love a company that raises the bar. 

Could this idea change the way restaurants cater and deliver? Could it ever be efficient enough to become sustainable? With more control over the final product, this advance in delivery options could raise the bar for customer expectations. Door Dash may not be rushing out to buy food delivery trucks, but they may want to think about finding a way to keep the fries crisp and fresh, or else we may just find another option. In the 21st century, is a crisp fry too much to ask for?

Sub par delivery services may be good for some types of restaurants, but the best of the best may have other plans. Whether it’s food delivery trucks or another creative delivery option that we haven’t thought of yet (drones finding you in traffic?), you can bet it will be good. The fries may be a little better too. 


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