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Top 5 Tips to Increase the Profit-Potential of Your Draft Beer System

According to the third U.S President Thomas Jefferson, drinking beer with moderation can soften the temper, cheer one’s spirit, and promote health. This shows just how the good drink has been on high demand and could be among the most profitable commodities to sell today. However, your profit potential may go down the drain if you have not installed the draft beer system properly or fail to provide the correct maintenance and proper operation.

So, what measures should you take to maximize your profits?

1. Stay updated with new equipment technology

The use of innovative equipment and technology will increase your profit-making potential. For instance, self-serving systems boosts sales since they can refill more cups faster. Also, a quality metering system lets you get the most out of the available inventory while also boosting the accountability and performance of employees.

2. Control the foam

Another crucial step of reducing losses and maximizing on beer sales is using properly installed and balanced systems that regulate foam. An out of balance draft beer system usually produces a lot of foam and may lead to over-pours and a lower quality beer. So it is advisable that you maintain your system to satisfy and retain your current customers and also attract new ones. 

3. Offer a range of refreshment options

Another effective method you can use to increase profitability by ensuring your customers have a variety of beer selections to buy. From ale, malt, lager, and stout, to styles such as blonde and amber, having a range of products for your customers would satisfy their desire for different tastes. You can use your sales data to see the most performing types and those that are not selling well to get the right selection.

4. Schedule an equipment maintenance program

Not only are you supposed to have the latest equipment, but you also need to ensure their regular maintenance and cleaning. An effective maintenance program will lengthen their life-span, keep them productive, reduce unscheduled downtime, and increase their resale value.

5. Serve within proper temperatures

Among the critical aspects of selling beer is keeping them within the right temperature range. Warm draft beer is usually foamy, flat, and unappealing to the customer. If it is too cold, on the other hand, it will come with less foam, and you may end up serving more per cup at your cost. So it would be healthy if you maintain temperatures that are within the norms of the brewer.

As a restaurant operator or bartender, you have a lot of options when it comes to increasing your returns. These essential tips can help you lower your costs and boost sales while ensuring your customers get refreshed with high-quality draft beer.


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