Alcohol Delivery Part 2: Restaurants

Restaurants already capitalizing on the demand of delivery should look at Amazon and the emergence of alcohol delivery as an opportunity. The demand for delivery food services continues to increase and the emergence of alcohol delivery is likely to enhance that trend. 

As it stands today, there are so many alcohol delivery start-ups it’s difficult to keep track. To name a few that are available in the Windy City alone: Drizly, Postmates, Minibar, GrubHub, Thirstie, Cocktail Courier, and Saucey all specialize in getting you the drink you want — as fast as possible and in the comfort of your own home.

The opportunity for entering the market is not just for software whizzes or entrepreneurial junkies. Restaurants are getting in on the action too; for example, TGIF’s food delivery will now feature alcohol. Aforementioned GrubHub similarly features alcohol to go with your meal. If customers like your food, they might like a beer or glass of wine to come with it and you’ll definitely like the added income.

If your restaurant is already offering delivery then you’ll want to pay extra attention to the changes and legislation that will come in this arena on the heels of Amazon. If you have previously opted out of delivery, this could be the change that tips the scale. In either case, alcohol delivery will change the customer experience and could continue to shift more business towards delivery so it is not to be ignored. 



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