4 Ways to Spice Up (Or Cool Down) Your Summer Drink Menu

It’s that time of year when your guests are pouring through the doors parched and looking for refuge in a cool watering hole. While an ice cold beer usually does the trick to combat summer’s hot rays, even better would be to wow your guests with some fun variations on cocktails. Give your guests the cool down that they need while enticing them to stay a while with these creative summer sippers on your drink menu. Prep them ahead of time and they’re ready to go. Don’t forget to post pictures of them on social media to get people excited!

Turn up the flavor and the fun for this last sweltering stretch of summer with these additions to your summer drink menu: 

  1. Boozy Popsicles

Keep it fun and fresh with some boozy popsicles. There are so many different flavors to choose from. You can even do rotating flavors to keep people coming back for more. Think Moscow Mule, Tequila Sunrise, and Prosecco pops. And there’s way more where that came from!

  1. Boozy Snow Cones

Snow cones are packed with nostalgia for lots of people. Wherever they had them as a kid there’s usually a distant memory of eating them after school or on the beach and having the syrup all over your face as they start to melt. Turn this childhood favorite up a bunch of notches by adding booze! Full a paper cone or cup with crushed or shaved ice and pour your cocktail concoction over the top and serve. Fun garnishes highly encouraged.

  1. Tropical Jello Shots

Make it a party by adding some clever jello shots to your menu. These are always a big hit. Make them really fun and creative with tropical flavors like bahama mama and piña colada and they will be a sure-fire hit!

  1. Boozy Root Beer Floats

Make this childhood throwback adult-style with some booze added in. We like vanilla rum, but anything you fancy will do the trick. Sweet & creamy ice cream + bubbly root beer + ALCOHOL = the ultimate boozy summertime treat to cool down with.


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