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4 Ways to Bring that Fall Flare to Your Drink Menu

We’ve said goodbye for now to our beloved fruity and refreshing summer cocktails that quenched our thirst through the hottest of months and now say hello to those soothing sippers that will warm us throughout fall and winter. If you haven’t made seasonal changes to your drink menu yet there’s no time like the present! Customers depend on you to offer creative spins on seasonal cocktails and can’t wait to see familiar flavors like apple cider and pumpkin spice to appear on menus.

We’re here to help guide you in the right direction as you bring some (pumpkin) spice and everything nice to your Fall/Winter drink menu!


Heat things up with a warm cocktail, or two, or three. It’s perfect to welcome people in from the cold and encourage them to stay a while! Try a Pumpkin Hot Toddy, a Spiked Chai Latte, or a Hot Buttered Bourbon and Cider. The possibilities are endless!

With A Rim

Once fall hits it’s really all about the rims, are we right? From beer to cocktails there’s a rim for everything. Take it up an extra notch especially with your pumpkin beer rim offering by using caramel for the cinnamon sugar instead of just simple syrup. Maybe even go the extra mile and offer a crushed graham cracker or Nilla wafer rim, or maybe add more warming fall spices like clove and cardamom. Get really creative here, no limits. Not only are they delicious but they add so much value and are very Instagramable!


Especially around Halloween it’s fun to offer some layered, spooky looking, cocktails. This also fits very well into the darker winter vibe. Create a cocktail that has a floater of some dark alcohol on top, perhaps blackstrap or black vodka like this Black Magic Halloween Cocktail.

Unconventional Cup

Who needs a glass when you can have your cocktail served in a pumpkin? It doesn’t get more fall than that! Carve out a pumpkin as your serving vessel for a shared cocktail for a group to share or serve it right out of the pumpkin for them. Here’s just one idea.


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