3 Essential Bar Promotion Ideas

Opening a bar is no easy task, but staying in business and profiting is even harder. Nowadays, It’s not enough to JUST have a bar. Your place, all by itself, probably won’t provide you with a long list of loyal customers and a higher than average check. You need bar promotional strategies to help attract new customers and keep them coming back. Here are some useful bar promotion ideas that work to help you to take your bar business to the next level.

  1. Social media and online marketing
    Social media is the best and most accessible way to contact your followers. Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter are great ways to get in touch and show them everything your bar has to offer! Furthermore, you can use events on Facebook to promote specific occasions at your establishment. Make a separate Facebook event for each occasion, themed class or charity event that you hold. Create your own #hashtag. Use it under every post on social media and promote it among the customers at your bar.  Most importantly, register on Google Pages, Yelp and TripAdvisor and mark your location on Google Maps.

  2. Show customers a good time
    A successful bar should create the most pleasant and entertaining atmosphere that keeps customers coming back, wanting to leave reviews online, and recommending your bar to friends and family.  One simple way to do this is to provide a selection of bar games and activities that appeal to your audience. Because of the social nature of games like ping pong, pool and shuffleboard, customers will be inclined to come with larger groups of people, which leads to more food and drink sales.

  3. Host Pop Up Events & Private Parties
    Pop-up events such as food tastings, craft nights and small markets can help to drive more business to your restaurant by offering something outside of the box. It can even appeal to customers that don’t drink alcohol or enjoy the bar atmosphere. You can also hold private parties for your most loyal customers and have them try new cocktails, or something special you added to the menu. Create buzz with these events and start rewarding your loyal customers.

There are so many promotional ideas for your bar, big and small. What bar marketing ideas have worked in your bar? Let us know in the comments below!


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