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Managing Your Restaurant with AI-Smart Ality


According to Worldmetrics, almost 30% of independent full-service restaurants and restaurant chains are using some form of artificial intelligence (AI). From personalized recommendations to predictive analytics for staffing and inventory management, nearly every aspect of the industry has been touched by this technology that allows machines to problem-solve and simulate human intelligence.

One of the companies making headlines in this area is Ality, a restaurant manager AI companion. They recently joined forces with Founders Inc., a tech incubator in San Francisco that focuses on developing startups creating AI-powered hardware that will, ultimately, “change how we interact with the world.” 

They were so impressed by Ality that they chose it to be part of their six-week AI-Hardware Residency. This program offers mentorships, resources, and potential capital investments. While general attitudes toward AI vary, it’s clear that it will continue to be a prominent and growing aspect of our lives. This rapidly growing segment of the market is expected to reach an astounding $500 billion in the next ten years.

Here, we’ll explore why this AI-focused company is in the news and what it offers restaurants across the nation. 

The Beginning of Ality

Ality was founded by Apostoli Evreniadis, a software developer and owner of Mimosa Breakfast & Brunch, a restaurant in the Greater Milwaukee area. Having been in the restaurant industry for nearly 20 years, he witnessed directly its inherent challenges. He saw firsthand the need for the world’s first touch-free POS system and the benefits it could offer restaurants. And Ality was born.

The Three-Part System

Ality consists of an iOS app, an open-ear wireless Bluetooth earpiece, and an AI-empowered BOH server. 

Asking Questions

Your servers can ask it questions as they wait on their guests and receive prompt answers. While the possibilities are as varied as your concept, a few examples include wine pairings with specific dishes, questions regarding food allergies or preferences and recommended dishes, and vegetarian items with certain restrictions. 

Setting Reminders

It also acts as an internal time clock, reminding your servers to check back with guests. They can even ask Ality directly. “Ality, please remind me to check back with table 10 in two minutes for their order.” No more trying to remember everything during a mad rush. Now, your servers have the support they need to provide exceptional customer service.

Sharing with Customers

It also offers a great talking point as they share this unique take on hospitality with your customers. Knowing you’re going the extra mile to provide a personalized and unique experience goes a long way in cementing loyalty and positive reviews.

It also hears your staff’s conversations with guests and can share its vast knowledge automatically. From upsells to an enhanced experience, like AI, the possibilities are genuinely limitless. It also takes note of your guests’ requests. For instance, if they ask for so much time to look over the menu, Ality will nudge your server when it’s time to return and take their order.

Becoming a Team

Ality helps your team unite by bringing them together through the power of AI. Could they use some help with delivery? Did a customer ask if a specific ingredient is in your new signature beverage, but the bartender is nowhere to be found? Now, they simply ask Ality where the person they’re looking for is located, and it will tell them exactly where they are and in what direction they’re walking. 

This AI tool becomes invaluable for staff members whose second language is English. They can ask one of their teammates a question in their native language, and Ality, being multilingual, will translate the question into the respondent’s preferred language. 

Managers can reach out to specific teammates using Ality’s realistic AI voice. Understanding references and connections in record time and in a way few humans can, it summarizes the message and delivers it to the correct team members almost instantaneously. 

Are you ready for an AI-empowered restaurant manager companion? 

At EMERGING Fund, we partner with and invest in some of the leading AI technology solutions in the restaurant industry. The world is changing around us, and this time, restaurants are heeding the call and taking a front-and-center approach to integrating emerging technologies. 

To learn more about the brands’ accelerating concept innovations and enhancing operations or to schedule a discovery call, contact EMERGING.


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