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How Chowly Helps Restaurant Delivery Manage Third-Party Platforms

Since 2014, digital ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic. And according to Lightspeed, 60% of U.S. consumers order takeout or delivery once a week. To keep up with the ever-changing technology and demand, restaurants start with one delivery app, then add another. Before they know it, they’re dealing with five or more aggregators’ tablets and a staff member that only handles takeout and delivery. 

But what about the many restaurants that are entering the virtual arena? Every brand needs a tablet for every delivery platform, a mind-boggling scenario. So, what are restaurants doing to reduce this significant pain point? Technology to the rescue.

Managing Digital Orders and the Advent of Technology

As anyone in the restaurant industry knows, managing digital orders from multiple delivery platforms can be overwhelming. From tracking orders to reconciling costs and commissions, it’s error-prone, time-consuming, and the cause of many a headache.

The good news? Along with delivery, technology in the restaurant industry has risen at an incredible rate. Some of the top contenders are the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital ordering and payment systems. Technomic recently revealed that 56% of consumers prefer using a restaurant’s app or website to place their order, and 47% are more likely to place an order at a restaurant that offers mobile ordering.

While all that may not sound like good news to those who stay out of the technical fray, it does translate to companies that have designed incredible systems to take the pain away from digital orders. 

One of those is Chowly.

Streamlining Operations

With ordering systems like Chowly, there’s no more labor-intensive manual order taking and mistakes on customers’ orders due to human error caused by stress and overload. The many tablets have turned into one restaurant management platform. Now, whether guests order online or through a delivery app, all your orders from every platform are found in one central hub.

This all-in-one digital ordering platform consolidates customer touchpoints while integrating menus, smart pricing, and your POS system. The order comes in, goes directly to the digital ordering platform, and on to the POS system and the kitchen.

Customization is the Key

As with most businesses, customization is key—the element that makes you stand out from your competitors. Chowly creates a customized brand experience across a restaurant’s website, app, and third-party delivery services.

This customization turns more website visitors into customers, enabling enterprise-grade features and enhancing the customer experience no matter the size of your restaurant. Thanks to AI, the most popular paired items pop up when a customer makes an online order. This upsell feature makes it easy for customers to see additional products they may not have considered to enhance the meal. 

Their smart pricing feature considers the busiest days, slow periods, weather, holidays, and the surrounding areas’ volume, optimizing the pricing strategy to boost profits, not just revenue. Their menu optimization creates an online and third-party menu that increases orders and size. The result is often a 7x higher conversion rate.

Data at Your Fingertips

Your restaurant management platform consolidates the data across all your locations and all delivery platforms. Effortlessly access all delivery and takeout orders and view the total sales at a glance. Check the basket size, view cancellations, and monitor sales trends. 

Now, you can identify your top-selling items and the delivery platforms that outperform the others. You can easily pause delivery platforms when the kitchen gets backed up, and you’re concerned the massive delivery orders will start to affect the experience your in-house guests receive. 


The system handles over 150 customer touchpoints, from Google ordering to online ordering and marketplaces like DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, and more. It integrates with over 50 restaurant POS systems, like Toast, Square, and Clover.

It’s easy to see why over 12,000 restaurants turn to Chowly to simplify and enhance their digital ordering system. Some well-known brands that have jumped on board include Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, The Halal Guys, Pizza Ranch, and Sweet Charlie’s. One of the best features of Chowly is its 30-day risk-free trial, enabling you to see if the system is right for your restaurant before making a commitment.

As you can tell, we’re excited about what this brand offers our partners and those in the restaurant industry. To say it’s been a long time coming would be an understatement. 


What does Chowly do?

Chowly is a cloud-based system that helps restaurants easily integrate third-party online ordering systems, sending them directly into their POS systems. Customers can easily track the progress of their orders, ensuring timely delivery.

How do restaurants manage orders coming in from all the different delivery apps?

Before Chowly, with incredible difficulty. Now, this all-in-one digital ordering platform does it for them. Restaurants also have one comprehensive dashboard that enables them to closely monitor their digital orders and third-party partners.

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