Customer Analysis

Using POS data, we determine your VIP, Core, and Infrequent customer profiles so that you can analyze customer spend and frequency. Our system will alert you of customer trends so you know if you’re losing or gaining VIP and Core customers weekly.

Target Marketing and Sales Projections

Maximize your results with minimal marketing spend. Our proprietary custom model will target previous VIP and Core customers, look-alike customers, and customers that visit competitors. Furthermore, we can calculate the return on investment of bringing customers back to your location, consider marketing spend to date and purchasing of the individual customer. Our programs are designed to help you increase sales 5%, although we have had success up to 30%.

Acutely’s deep learning model will provide the most accurate sales projections helping you identify the best markets and sites. The model will consistently update as new units open and competitors shift. The model is a proprietary advantage for our clients as they open new units and evaluate current performance.

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