Customer Analysis

Who are your Customers and Why?

Before you open a new location or start a marketing campaign, you need to understand your current VIP and Core customers. This knowledge will help you mitigate downside risks and maximize your revenue potential.

  • What makes your current location(s) successful?

  • Who are your VIP, Core, and Infrequent customers?

  • What are your VIP demographics? Where do they work, live, and spend? What are their dining frequency, transportation preferences, driving paths, and buying habits?

Market Optimization for Growth

What is your Growth Plan for new sites in the next 3 Years?

Where should you open your next location, and how many units will maximize your sales in a market or nationally?

We identify where to open the most profitable locations.

  • How many new units you should open in a City, State, or Nationally without cannibalizing yourself?

  • What locations should you open first, based on the highest profitability and lowest risk?

  • Where can you open sites that out position your competition?

What Differentiates Us?

We coordinate the execution of your business strategies in real estate, supply chain, data science, finance, and labor, providing you with an unprecedented value from one platform. By continuously benchmarking your growth, we identify problems and opportunities sooner to ensure you hit your short and long-term goals.

  • Turnkey Solution with Data Science and Site Selection

  • Data Science backed strategy based on your key business growth drivers

  • Industry-leading proprietary POS and Mobile data sets

  • Team of top data scientists, data engineers, analysts, real estate experts, creatives, and business professionals focused on your success.

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