6 Reasons to Use a Cloud-Based POS System

It took off with services like Square, but it didn’t take long for the rest of the industry to figure it out and follow suit. Now, dozens of companies offer cloud-based POS systems for retail and restaurant use. Cloud POS are systems that use a real-time network connection to provide up-to-date information that can be accessed from the Internet, rather than from a centralized computer or device.

They take up less counter space and generally look sleeker. There are a number of products to choose from, but some are better for larger venues, businesses with multiple locations, and fast casual restaurants. What are the benefits of a cloud-based POS system and why are they becoming so popular with restaurants?


Low Start-Up Cost

From as low as $49 for monthly costs, the start up cost of switching to a cloud-based POS system can be very affordable. Start up costs can vary between companies and the size of your restaurant, but can be as inexpensive as a tablet and a register. Working on everyday hardware, cloud POS systems are cheaper than bulkier, proprietary hardware systems. And, if you already have tablets and smart phones at your disposal, you’re ready to get started. There are companies that offer built for purpose systems that come with stands, card readers, and cash drawers.


Access Anywhere

Since everything is cloud-based, you can access real time information on your sales, stock, and employees. See who clocked in and clocked out and analyze information to streamline your scheduling and menu item availability. You’ll also be able to change menu items and see how business is going when you’re on vacation or at a different location.


Always Up-to-Date

Operating systems and other software can be updated whenever you’re online, so you don’t even have to worry about shutting down or scheduling time to be on the latest and best operating system. This also means that as soon as you make a change to the system from one terminal (even if it’s at home or from your office), the change will be reflected immediately through all terminals. So price changes, an 86 countdown, or running out of an ingredient can be communicated seamlessly through your whole venue or multiple venues.


Available Even When Offline

Cloud based means that the POS system uses the Internet to synchronize in real time. This used to mean that if your whole system went offline, you wouldn’t be able to process payments, but companies have accounted for that. Many systems also have offline processing so that in case the Internet fails, you can still continue processing transactions.


Credit Card Transaction Processing

Depending on the system, some POS systems come with flat processing rates as low as 1.7 percent for all physical credit card swipes. Others let you choose which processing methods you want to use so you can choose the rates you want. Some POS systems also process popular payment methods like PayPal and Apple Pay so customers can pay via their smart phone.


Inventory and Employee Management

From time cards to alerts for running low on a particular product, a cloud system can help you manage your restaurant inventory and employees from anywhere on any device. You can also view individual employees sale information and export it all to your software of choice, like Excel.


Easy to Use

Your employees may already be familiar with some of the most popular systems and this means reduced training time. Aside from that, most interfaces were created to make them useable to anyone who has ever picked up a tablet. Many of the systems are beautifully and simply designed as well so that it’s as easy for your staff as it is for a customer.



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